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Jumat, 05 November 2010

How To Make Batik

  • Batiking is a very old art form from Indonesia, South Eastern Asia, that consists of wax painting and fabric dying in order to create beautiful and lasting designs that can be worn, hung on the wall, or used for pillowcases and sheets. It can be used on duvet patterns.


    1. Select the cloth you wish to use (silk, muslin, or cotton work best) and wash the cloth to remove any residues. Dry and iron the cloth.

    1. Decide on your design and trace it onto the fabric with a pencil. Alternatively, you can freehand something or make an abstract design, it is up to you. 

    1. Place wax paper underneath the fabric so the fabric will not stick to the surface you are working on. Decide what color dye you first want to use and then wax off all the parts that you do not want to be that color. 

    1. After all parts are waxed that you do not want dyed you should allow the wax to dry on the fabric, you can speed up this process in the freezer

    1. After the wax has dried, you can create the "crackle" effect on the fabric by balling up the fabric to create cracks in the wax. Those sections will have veins of the color in them that would otherwise have not been there.

    1. Make your dyebath in a pot or bowl according to the directions of your dye. Put the fabric in the dye bath for approximately 30 minutes - this also depends on the directions for your dye as well as how deeply you wish for the the fabric to be dyed.
    2. Allow the fabric to dry

    1. Begin ironing off the wax in small sections, using the newsprint underneath the fabric and also above between the fabric and iron. Only iron the wax off of sections you wish to dye next.

    1. Wax the sections that you previously dyed if you do not wish for them to be dyed another color.

    1. Repeat this process until your batik is finished

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